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Recommendations of a nobody

Ok. First of all, I am going to explain the “nobody” thing. I know that I am somebody and  I don`t have self steam issues or some sort of trauma. My mum loves me, etc, etc.  The only reason why I called myself “a nobody” is because I am not an expert in almost…anything, so I am just trying to practice my English writing while I am saying something that might be useful for someone else.

Also, at this point, I am ALMOST sure that my English is ok, but in order to write like ME and not like some lame textbook, I need to talk about things that I am truly care. Like movies. Or Tv shows. Or magazines. You know… IMPORTANT things.  

So, I decided to start with a simple list of things that I am enjoying these days and I am pretty sure YOU would like too if you give them an opportunity.  Here is a theory:  we, aka the imperfect and full of prejudgment human being, miss A LOT of things just because:

1    1-We didn`t know about them

2    2- We know about them, but we are too clever to listen to other    people recommendations.

3    3- We are lazy and we like to stay in our comfort zone.
     4- We are millionaires and we have lots of fancy restaurants, expensive shops and wild parties to attend.

So…  Statement done. Let’s go to the point. If for any reason you use my recommendations, please let me know. You are free to throw me tomatoes if you think that the stuff I like is crap. I am still going to think that they ROCKS.

Downtown Abbey

This very very British show completely blow my mind. It is just…perfect. Not Black Swan Wacko-style perfection, but pretty cool for a TV show. No, is more than that…is PERFECT!
Ok, first of all, I have to confess how I get to this show first, because could be useful for some people as well. My partner, Héctor, was seeking information online about Dragon Age 2 (a Play Station “I swear I am an elf!” game) and he ended reading about this girl called Felicia Day, who is the most good-looking nerd EVER, so she is the face of Dragon Age Redemption and she runs her own show on web, called The Guild . The show is about a bunch of geeks that play online “I swear I am an elf” games, etc. Well, Héctor  fell in love with her or something, so he jumped to her blog. An SHE was the one who like Downtown Alley in the first place. (I had to give the credits)

The show is about an aristocratic English family and their service staff, the years before World War I.  It starts with an historic event: the Titanic tragedy (no Leo Di Caprio, tough) , where the eldest daughter`s  fiancé, who is also Mr. Dad nephew and heir, died. This is a HUGE problem, because Mr. Dad and Mrs. Mum have just three daughters, and they can`t be heirs, because this is 1912 and girls are too stupid to manage money, I guess.  Well, they have to find a solution and blah blah blah…  blah. What? did you think that I was going to spoil the story?

The important thing is that the bloody script is brilliant, have beautiful locations, Maggie Smith leaves professor McGonagall in the closet, playing an even more strict-grumpy-British old lady  and all the characters are so well made that you truly like them ,or hate them or all the intermediate emotions available.  

Just watch it! And if you don`t believe me, believe my movie bible, www.  A 9 score is pretty good, ah?

Rubbish Boyfriends

I take this book from the Adelaide City Council Library (North Terrace), so you don’t even need to spend money on it. If you don`t have a Library card, what the hell are you waiting to get one? Is FREE, and you get plenty of entertainment. Ok. This book is a novel wrote by an English author that I can`t find on Internet, because, apparently, is not her real name. Well, If I had wrote a book laughing about my Exs, I would do it under a fake name as well.
The main character is Dayna, a regular London girl that have some issues finding Mr Perfect. Yes, like Bridget Jones, but younger, slimmer and with even worse luck.  So, the story starts when Dayna is having her first baby, but we don`t know who the father is. Then, she started to make a list of all the crappy guys she dated over the last 10 years, and we know that one of them is the father.  
The story may sound lack of creativity, because of all those romantic comedies about the same thing, over and over, But this book is truly FUN and, because Dayna started to date in the 90`, have also a lot of pop cultural reference, which could make you LOL if you have about 30 years old, like me.
Don`t expect a piece of art or something, just enjoy reading about how creepy a girl love life could be.

The King`s  Speech

At this point, I am starting to look like some kind of UK lover. But don`t hate me, Australia, is just a coincidence. Plus,  this movie have one of my favorites Aussie actors EVER, Geoffrey Rush. Let me stop on this: why the HELL isn`t this guy in the magazines instead of Nicole? He is WAY more talented!!! Is because he is not very good-looking and he never married a scientology freak?
Never mind. If you haven`t seen this film, PLEASE make yourself a favor and go. I read from a Chilean movie critic that is a conventional over-rated movie, but Chilean critics are almost all the time death inside, so, who cares. The story is about the true story (duh) of King George VI (Queen Elizabeth II daddy) who had a HUGE trauma because he can`t stop stuttering and all the people laugh of him (bloody bullies). Then, his wife, the queen consort Elizabeth, played by  Helena Bonham Carter without the usual crazy face, encourage him to go to a not-orthodox therapist so he can speak well and be very popular. (Which was needed because the Nazis was invading Europe). Of course, being a biographic movie not directed by Quentin Tarantino, the film doesn`t have a surprise ending, but that doesn`t matter, because is BRILLIANT.  You really empathize with the King problems and understand what the great philosopher said:  WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Well, the important thing is not the royal issues, but the relation between the King and his therapist, which is not royal at all and have an aussie accent.


When somebody recommend me a movie, or I read a review that sounds interesting, before even think in spend money (or Internet data) in watching the film, I go to my bible, the biggest movie data base on line. Here, you can find all the movie information, actors, director, etc etc, but also the score that the audience give to the films. If is more than 6 (from 10) I give it a chance. However, recently I discovered this other website, that not just give you the score, but also the REASONS why a movie worth the price (and the time). Rotten is a critics data base, where every movie have a statistic of how many positive and bad reviews the movie got. Also, you can read what critics said and decide if you believe the dead-inside type or the “Hollywood pay me to talk well about their crap movies” ones. Or…you can listen to MY recommendations and go for sure.


PS: feel free to correct me.
PS2: feel MORE free to give you own recommendations, I will be happy to follow them.

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  1. A verssss, mi agenda de series se resume en Friends (sí, todavía), The new adventures of old Christina (Julia Louis -Dreyfus es hilarante!), The Big Bang Theory (amo a los nerds) y Two and a half men. Puro Warner, ni cambio la tele!! y la verdad es que no tengo mucho tiempo de sentarme a ver series y prestarles la atención necasaria. Magínate que desde Lost que no me pego con nada. Bueno, en algún minuto podré de nuevo, así que anotaré tus recomendaciones.
    Lo mismo con la lectura. Le vengo poniendo empeño a Los detectives salvajes de Bolaños hace más de un mes, pero con este horario de pega, tu cachai que me siento y me quedo dormi, así que no he avanzado mucho.
    El discurso del rey quiero puramente verla, pero idem que las anteriores, jajajaja.
    Bueno niun aporte. pero como soy tu palo blanco. Un beso boba.

  2. Ah no, ahora que te pones a escribir en lenguas extranjeras extrañas ya no se qué es lo que escribes!!!!!!

  3. ahora que escribo en lenguas extanjeras me posteas!!! llevo MESES escribiendo en español y nada! XD

  4. Yo me pegué con The Walking Dead... nunca fui fan de los zombies, pero esta historia la encuantro taaan entrete...Pegada al máximo y esperando la segunda temporada.

    Beso, cuidate,